A Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Big Sky Montana

Feathered Pipe Ranch

Helena, Montana

September 25-29, 2020

with Stacy McGinty & Candace Harvey

It’s YOUR TIME! Time to slow down, reset, unplug and come back to your truth and wholeness. THIS is your OPPORTUNITY! Do you feel overwhelmed and depleted? Let us help you RENEW.  It is time to pause and return to what our true self knows! Your true self knows relaxation, it knows how to pause and be less reactive and it knows how to love. We just need the chance to return there.

Join Stacy and Candace in BIG SKY MONTANA FOR A 5-DAY Yoga Retreat to RENEW your SPIRIT!
For 5 days and 4 nights, Stacy and Candace will guide you back to this wholeness within you through a practice of yoga, meditation, journaling, hiking and self-care in beautiful and serene Helena, Montana. This all inclusive yoga retreat will allow you to align your actions with your goals, learn self-care techniques and daily practices that will keep you aligned even after you leave. Commit now to your own well-being and reset from your hectic lifestyle. We will create goals and steps to maintain this new place of nurture and wellness while you are there and re-enter life fresh and alive- recommitted to your well-being.

Sip your morning coffee overlooking a gorgeous spring-fed lake. Dive deep into the healing practices of meditation and yoga. Choose a scenic hiking trail to explore in the afternoon. Enjoy a moment of quiet relaxation. Indulge in healthy organic foods prepared just for you. Give yourself an opportunity to unplug in this beautiful mountain sanctuary and simply begin again! Life is waiting. We will see you there.

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