Sacred Space Coaching

Dragonfly Yoga Dublin offers an intuitive approach to yoga teacher mentoring, life coaching, and private instruction. 

Private Coaching

You Are whole and complete. There is nothing you need to do to change. I believe that we all enter this world knowing our worth and somewhere we forget. I am here to help you remember. I have been working with clients for over 20 years teaching them how to come back to their true self. Your true self is full of energy, positive, loving and intuitive.


You know what you need.


Through a process of inquiry, movement and breath, I will help you create a plan AND the steps to get there. Whether your goal is to lose weight, feel better, get stronger or find clarity around your purpose in life…I can help you.


My clients meet with me in person one time per week and we create a plan and have check ins throught out the week to offer you accountability and success. I believe in keeping my clients motivated by choosing small steps towards big goals.


Together we create a path to YOUR LIFE- LIVED!







Initial Consultation   45 minutes | Free

Coaching Package   4 Sessions | $400

Monthly Small Group Coaching

We apply yoga philosophy and psychology to our small group coaching. There is a theme that guides each month as we meet online. We examine the possibilities of themes like "How Good Can You Feel," which includes a close examination of the chakra system, and "Living Yoga" which explores the yamas and niyamas. 

A perfect way to engage with the practice and philosophy of yoga with support, this is one of our greatest offerings that we have in this time of tremendous change. Sangha (community) is everything, and you are welcome in ours.

All small group coaching is currently online via Zoom.


Join as part of our VIP Membership | $89/month

Join our monthly coaching group ala carte | $99/month

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