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That place of contentment, comfort and joy. Let's move, breathe and comeback hOMe!

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Whether you are new to yoga or experienced on the mat, our schedule has it all.
Dragonfly Yoga Dublin offers a varity of styles of yoga to suit the needs of
all bodies and all levels. 

Finally, an amazing yoga studio so close to home!


"Finally, an amazing yoga studio so close to home! The studio is in a business park that is a bit hard to spot, but you walk inside and it is a beautiful and tranquil space. I attended their free team-taught grand opening class and appreciated the opportunity to get a glimpse of the teaching styles of a variety of their instructors. Since then, I've been to a few classes with Stacy. 

Things that have kept me coming back: lots of class times, different styles of yoga, and a very welcoming all levels vinyasa class! As a beginner, it's very reassuring to know I have the option to modify if I need, but also have the opportunity to take a more challenging option if it feels right that day. ''

Natalie K.

Common Questions Answered:

  • We have mats to loan you

  • Arrive 10 min early to meet our staff and get set up for your first class.

  • yoga can be done by all

  • We

    practice barefoot

  • We offer water, towels and tea for you to enjoy

I never practiced yoga before.


"When I started looking for a place to practice yoga, I was lost. When I entered this studio, they made me feel welcomed. I let go of my fear and I thought: This is the place where I have to start! They give you a service with good energy and with the goal for you to improve!" 

Luana S.

Your Teachers


Stacy, Owner & Teacher

Stacy McGinty teaches from a place of fun and love. You’ll learn to listen to your inner voice, connect with breath, and move in a way that feels good to YOUR body. A 500-hr E-RYT, Stacy teaches vinyasa flow, deeply relaxing restorative yoga, and meditation. Expect to laugh, be challenged and find moments of clarity and stillness. Stacy is an avid reader, lover of music, Lover of all things nature and connecting with family and friends. She brings her joy of alll of these things into her teachings.  She has trained extensively with Janet  Stone and Jason Crandell and is deeply grateful for all they have taught her. 

Noel, Vinyasa 

We are given one body in this life, and as with all things we care about, if abused or neglected, it suffers. In the same way our bodies need attention, so do our tender psyches. For many of us, we are so completely drawn to the negative, we forget to see and take in the good.  At 50 with a 20-year yoga practice, Noel whole-heartedly believes cultivating a consistent yoga practice strengthens and nurtures both the body and the soul.  Yoga has brought her good health, peace, joy, self-acceptance and a sense of community. She teaches yoga in hopes that her students will reap the same. Noel is fun and funny, loves music and not taking herself or the practice too seriously. She allows her students to take her cues as suggestions and not dogma, and instead use sensation as their guide. The "yoga glow" won't come without effort, so be ready to be challenged. Noel believes the healing power of yoga is revealed when we wobble in our imbalances, fidget in our meditation, struggle to stay calm in long holds and deep stretches and often the most challenging, drop into child's pose instead of pushing past boundaries. Come to Noel's class, get to know yourself and learn to love who you discover.

Claudia, Vinyasa, Theta Meditation

Claudia Edwards has been an athlete all of her life. She loves that yoga teaches us to set aside things in life that are not serving us in the direct moment, and reconnect with body and breath. She discovered a love of the deep practice of yoga when her body needed time to heal from stress injuries. Vinyasa yoga satisfied a deep need to move, while the philosophy, breath work and meditation challenged her mind and spirit.


A Bay Area native, you can find Claudia immersed in the local community, bringing her love of people and connection into class as well as outside of the yoga studio. Her sense of play and easy going manner weave through her fun and upbeat classes.

Kristen, Vinyasa, Coaching

Gia, Align

I have been practicing yoga for 20 years, teaching for 5.  My understanding of yoga has developed and shifted over those years, and I truly believe the most powerful part of the practice is patience.  The most difficult and challenging aspect of any pose is having acceptance and compassion for your body and yourself.  That holds true for the other practices of yoga like meditation, pranayama, etc.  Most of all, it is my intention to assist others in learning the art of inner listening, inner exploration and strengthening their energetic imagination, so that they may sense what it is like to be free and at home in their own body.  To be in alignment from the inside, out.  

I am an eternal yoga student, learning and finding inspiration from the earth, poetry, art, music, parenting, friendships, my teachers, etc. You will find me either practicing meditation, asana, pranayama, singing, painting, hiking, camping, cooking, reading, writing, connecting with others and infusing my life with as much true living as possible.  Meaning, practicing the art of being in the present moment as much as I am able.  I am imperfectly human.  

As a yoga teacher, I create a safe space for all bodies, all levels to move freely with your breath. I invite my students to meet their body exactly as it is and to move with kindness and compassion. I teach vinyasa flow classes, encouraging students to focus on their breath through the movement and in the moments of stillness. I like to play a variety of music, bring lightness to the class and have fun while teaching! 

My yoga journey began in college and I’ve always dreamed of being a yoga teacher. After practicing on and off for 13 years, I committed to bringing this dream to life by completing Dragonfly Yoga’s 200 hour teacher training program.


Yoga brings me joy, both in practicing on the mat and building community through connecting with others. As a yoga teacher, it is an honor and fills me with gratitude to share the tradition of yoga with my students.

“Yoga has helped me find the true me, uniting my energetic self with my calm and peaceful being”.

Teresa Gonzalez had been practicing yoga for over sixteen years when she decided to deepen her practice, and share her love of yoga with others. She has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, a master’s in art history, is a graduate of the 200-hour Teacher Training program at Dragonfly Yoga & Wellness, and the 25-hour Restorative yoga training with Vicky Russel Bell, and she keeps studying and learning everyday.

In her classes you’ll find a well-balanced flow and a calm and friendly environment that will guide you to a deep relaxation.

Lisa, Vinyasa

Lisa spends her time differently than most which gives her work an authentic feel as a photographer and yoga instructor.

"I believe this life is meant to be explored and things align just as they should when we follow through on everything that excites our soul.
This belief has lead me to build strong relationships with some of the most innovative minds in the San Francisco Bay Area, and beyond!"

Her education in photography and yoga has grounded her one foot in the production industry and another in the exciting new avenues of health + travel + wellness.

Jen, Vinyasa

I thought I found yoga, but in reality, yoga found me. And through it I have found my true Self.” –Jen FelcanSmith

Yoga has always been a part of Jen’s life, especially in her younger years when she danced. As her yoga practice evolved, it became her passion–something she couldn’t wait share with others.

Jen completed two teacher trainings in Chicago, with intense focuses on alignment, kinesiology, history and varied yoga styles. She is RYT 200 certified, constantly expanding her knowledge, and loves to practice within the community.
Her classes are challenging, flowing, warmhearted, safe and geared towards all levels. She strives to have students leave class feeling better physically, mentally and spiritually.


Jen focuses on alignment appropriate to the individual, and loves to create dynamic sequencing. She also works through weaknesses and builds up strengths, furthering each student’s practice with safety, humor and compassion.

Ritzy, Vinyasa & Power

Ritzy O’Brien discovered yoga during her second year teaching special education in Hawaii. She fell in love with the physical asanas and stayed for the overall benefits. She hasn’t stopped practicing since she first stepped into the studio, and she loves to share with others her own love for the practice.


Ritzy is a Yoga Alliance 200-hr RYT with a focus in vinyasa-based power yoga. Her classes focus on integrating breath with movement to increase strength, flexibility and balance. She desires to provide students with a safe space to explore the inner corners of themselves and to improve the overall quality of their lives.

Teresa, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin & Nidra

Miche'le, Vinyasa & Prenatal

Miche’le was introduced to Yoga around 2006, while in college. After taking her first class she knew that Yoga would be apart of her life forever. However, It wasn’t until she gave birth to her son in 2015 when she took her Yoga practice more seriously. This is when she realized that practicing Yoga is more than getting into poses and going to classes; Yoga is a lifestyle! She learned that Yoga is a practice that helps strengthen the mind, body and spirit. She also believes that Yoga has healing attributes and the combination of a conscious breath, body alignment and meditation can help you reach a state of mind that allows the body to recover and heal. All of these great gifts that Yoga has to offer lead her in the direction of wanting to teach and help others find their best selves. Miche’le teaches Vinyasa Flow, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga!

Ruben, Vinyasa

Ruben started his journey in yoga by reading and studying the philosophy and texts of the tradition. He later began a physical practice to counter balance his lifestyle of sitting at a desk as a data analyst. He loves to cycle, play soccer,  hike, compete in triathalons,  cook and spend time with his family. He is a graduate of Dragonfly Yoga Livermore 200 hour teacher training program. In his class, you can expect to be challenged, to have fun and find an invigorating and safe space to develop a sustainable practice. 

Lainie, Vinyasa, Restorative

Lainie is a graduate of Dragonfly’s Yoga Alliance-certified teacher training program. She teaches vinyasa flow, as well as prenatal/postnatal yoga and yoga for children. She’ll provide clear instructions and offers modifications for all body types.


Each of her classes begins and ends with accessible breathwork and meditation. You can also expect bad jokes – if she makes you laugh, then she knows that you’re taking a full breath!

Carolyn, Yin & Restorative

Carolyn Tracy began practicing yoga in 5th grade while competing in gymnastics.


A dynamic practice spanning 40 years, 15 of those Bikram, and now Yin Yoga’s wise balancing of the fiery energies of a go/go lifestyle is what’s speaking loudest to Carolyn.


Her students describe her as soothing, healing and knowledgeable.
Carolyn brings a spunky playfulness into her yoga as she’s passionate, too, about kids, animals and nature.

Joanna, Vinyasa & Restorative

I found my way to yoga as a stay-at-home mother who craved sanctuary and movement from the new stresses of motherhood. 15 years later, my personal practice continues and my love for yoga deepens. I went on to earn my 200 hour Teacher Training certification through Dragonfly Yoga + Wellness. My focus has been on Restorative and Vinyasa flow yoga through assisting, teaching and continued training/study. As a teacher, I aim to provide a comfortable and compassionate place for my students to develop their personal yoga practices.

Ashley, Flow

Ashley teaches Flow yoga with a mindful influence. She arrives in class ready to create a relaxing and enjoyable experience for all. You can expect to find your  breath, move and tune into your own body. Each of Ashley's classes are accessible to all students. Her intention is to a class that is well rounded, enjoyable and relaxing.