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Connect. Breathe. Live.

Dragonfly Yoga Dublin was created with the desire to offer a safe space for all to share their own unique story- a place where you can connect, feel and breathe. We do this through movement and breath, sweat and stillness.  It’s in the stillness that you can begin to listen to that quiet, small voice within. It is this voice that speaks our truth. It is this truth that longs to be seen. Let yourself be seen!

We are proud to offer a new online program and expanded memberships to support our community. Our teachers are exceptionally trained and have built a beautiful community that we would be honored for you to join.

Dragonfly offers many workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings throughout the year as well as private instruction, Sacred Space coaching services, and speacial events. Join our community, and feel at hOMe.

Let's Connect.

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